Weekly Pulse by William Meller | Week 39, 2023

Weekly Pulse by William Meller | Week 39, 2023
Weekly Pulse is content curation and highlights from readings, books, podcasts, insights, ramblings, and other interesting things I discovered during the week.

So, let's go with some discoveries from the week!

#1 - I’m a Rational Optimist - Why I Don’t Believe in AI Doomsday
#2 - The Economic Theory That Explains a Great Career
#3 - How to Listen to Someone You Don’t Agree With
#4 - Building Career Experience with Identity Capital
#5 - Book Notes #91: The Bed of Procrustes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I’m a Rational Optimist - Why I Don’t Believe in AI Doomsday

Source: Scott Young
Author:  Scott Young
Year: 2023

The article explains how the basic economic concept of supply and demand can determine whether someone will have a successful career. 

The article uses the example of a car dealer making more money than a nurse or a teacher. The article states that to have a successful career, one needs to have rare and valuable skills. 

The article also explains how skills are often the best starting point for building career capital and reputation and connections tend to follow.

The Simple Economic Theory That Explains Whether You’ll Have a Great Career

Source:  Harvard Business Review
Author:  April Rinne
Year: 2021

Building a career portfolio is a way to broaden your professional identity and career focus. It is a new way to think about, talk about and craft your professional future in order to navigate the ever-changing world of work with purpose, clarity, and flexibility. 

It includes skills, experiences and talents that can be mixed, matched and blended and includes traditional paid jobs as well as freelance roles, volunteering, community service and hobbies. Curating your portfolio is more than professional development, it is how you design your life. It gives you greater ownership of your career, as it cannot simply be taken away. 

It also helps you to be proactive, learn and contribute in ways that a traditional career path would not. Telling a good portfolio narrative requires understanding how the different things in your portfolio enhance one another.

How to listen — really listen — to someone you don’t agree with

Source: TED
Author:  Tania Israel
Year: 2020

The article provides tips on how to actively listen to someone you don't agree with. The author emphasizes the importance of non-verbal attending, which involves giving someone your full attention without speaking, maintaining moderate eye contact, and staying silent. 

Reflecting and asking open-ended questions are also key skills in active listening. The article reminds readers that these tools are intended to promote understanding and connection, and should not be forced if they are not working in a particular situation.

Building Career Experience with Identity Capital

Source:  Article of the Week

In the pursuit of a successful career, we often focus on acquiring the right skills, networking, and making the right choices. 

However, there's an essential but often overlooked aspect called "Identity Capital," a concept popularized by Meg Jay in her book "The Defining Decade." 

In simple words, Identity Capital is about investing in your personal and professional identity, and it can significantly impact your career journey. 

In this article, we'll explore what Identity Capital is and how you can build it to advance in your career.

Book Notes #91: The Bed of Procrustes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Source:  Book Notes of the Week

he Bed of Procrustes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a compelling exploration of the myriad ways in which we force ourselves and our world into rigid molds, often with detrimental consequences. By the author of the modern classic The Black Swan, this collection of aphorisms and meditations expresses his major ideas in ways you least expect.

The Bed of Procrustes takes its title from Greek mythology: the story of a man who made his visitors fit his bed to perfection by either stretching them or cutting their limbs.

Playful and irreverent, these aphorisms will surprise you by exposing self-delusions you have been living with but never recognized.

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