Book Notes: Creating Agile Business Systems - Amar Gupta and Amit Mitra

William Meller - Creating Agile Business Systems - Amar Gupta and Amit Mitra
The book shows how business information may be shared using a modular approach to constructing business systems similar to object-oriented software.


Title: Creating Agile Business Systems with Reusable Knowledge
Author: Amit Mitra, Amar Gupta
Themes: Agile, Career, Cases, Technology, Management, Business
Year: 2006
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0511249381, 9780511249389
Pages: 384

The authors describe how business knowledge can be identified, encapsulated, and shared using a modular approach to building business systems that parallels that of object-oriented software. 

In this book, all templates required for accelerating integration, analysis, and design are provided. 

Suitable for consultants, analysts, managers, researchers, and graduate students, in IT and business.

William Meller - William Meller - Creating Agile Business Systems - Amar Gupta and Amit Mitra

Agility and innovation are necessary to achieve global excellence and customer value in twenty-first-century business, yet most approaches to business process engineering sacrifice these in favor of operational efficiency and economics. 

This book is about supporting change through component technology, but it is not like most books on the subject. The book's components are not standard IT components. Rather, they share knowledge components from which patterns of business knowledge are constructed.

Moreover, the IT systems used to automate and encapsulate business processes are unresponsive to the dynamic business environment. A modular approach to building business systems that parallels that of object-oriented software is presented. 

It defines technology as automating and enabling change – a technology that will enable firms to remain competitive in a fast-changing, varied, and chaotic commercial world that will not tolerate tardiness.

Mitra and Gupta provide insight to close this gap - showing how innovation can be systematized with normalized patterns of information, how business processes and information systems may be tightly aligned, and how these processes and systems can be designed to automatically adapt to change by reconfiguring shared patterns of knowledge. 

Chapters of the Book:

Introduction Chapter
   What is this book about, and who should read it?
   What will the information be used for?
   Technology’s broken promise
   Component reuse – the genesis
   Scope of this book
   Foundation of knowledge reuse: three pillars
   How this book is organized

Chapter 1 - On the nature of reality and the nature of business
   The nature of knowledge
   Modeling the real world
   Metaworld of information
   Basic metaobject inventory
   Metaobjects and the natural repository of knowledge
   The architecture of knowledge and the scope of the metamodel in this book

Chapter 2 - The object at the root of it all
   Object class versus object instance
   The state of an object
   Inheriting behavior – subtypes, supertypes, and partitioning of objects
   The problem of perspective
   Repositories of meaning

Chapter 3 - The nature of attributes
   The structure of attributes and states
   Attribute constraints
   Naming and expressing attributes

Chapter 4 - Domains and their expression
   The meaning and architecture of the format
   The meaning of units of measure
   Domains of meaning and the metamodel of object
   Storing abstract meaning

Amit Mitra is Managing Consultant at Headstrong LLC, in addition to President and Principal Consultant at Sprybiz LLC.

Amar Gupta is a professor of Entrepreneurship and MIS; Thomas R. Brown Chair in Management and Technology; and Senior Director for Research and Business Development for the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona, Tucson. 

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