Book Notes: Agile Coaching - Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley

Agile Coaching is a practical guide to creating strong agile teams and demystifies agile practices, to discover how to use agile coaching skills and coach your teams to become more Agile.


Title: Agile Coaching
Author: Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley
Themes: Agile, Career, Cases, Technology, Management
Year: 2009
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
ISBN: 1934356433, 9781934356432
Pages: 221

To lead change, you need to expand your toolkit, and this book gives you the tools you need to make the transition from agile practitioner to agile coach.

Agile Coaching is all about working with people to create great agile teams. You'll learn how to build a team that produces great software and has fun doing it. In the process, you'll grow a team that's self-sufficient and skillful.

This book provides you with deeper knowledge of how agile practices work and how to inspire your team to improve. 

Discover how to coach your team through the agile lifecycle, from planning to writing software and learn the secrets of running effective agile meetings and how to get your team following a consistent approach to creating software. 

Find out what works and what to avoid when introducing agile practices to your team. 

The authors cover many situations that can occur with teams new to agile and some ways to get them past obstacles.

Throughout the book the authors share their personal coaching stories from experience with real teams, giving you insights into what works and what to avoid. Each chapter also covers hurdles that you and your team may face and what to do to clear them.

Chapters of the Book:

1. Starting the Journey
   1.1 What Does an Agile Coach Do?
   1.2 Developing a Coaching Attitude
   1.3 Getting Ready to Coach
   1.4 How to Start Coaching
   1.5 Maintaining the Pace 
   1.6 Hurdles
   1.7 Checklist

2. Working with People
   2.1 Listening
   2.2 Giving Feedback
   2.3 Resolving Conflicts
   2.4 Building Agreement
   2.5 Hurdles
   2.6 Checklist

3. Leading Change
   3.1 Introducing Change
   3.2 Asking Questions
   3.3 Encouraging Learning
   3.4 Facilitating Meetings
   3.5 Hurdles
   3.6 Checklist

4. Building an Agile Team
   4.1 Helping a Team Jell
   4.2 Creating a Team Space
   4.3 Balancing Roles
   4.4 Energizing the Team
   4.5 Hurdles
   4.6 Checklist

5. Daily Standup
   5.1 Standing Up
   5.2 For the Team by the Team
   5.3 Handling Issues
   5.4 Setting the Time 
   5.5 When to Coach
   5.6 Hurdles
   5.7 Checklist

6. Understanding What to Build
   6.1 Life Cycle of a User Story
   6.2 Encouraging Conversations
   6.3 Working with Cards
   6.4 Confirming the Details
   6.5 Hurdles
   6.6 Checklist

7. Planning Ahead
   7.1 Preparing for Planning
   7.2 Understanding Priorities
   7.3 Sizing the Work
   7.4 Review and Commit
   7.5 Keeping Track
   7.6 Hurdles
   7.7 Checklist

8. Keeping It Visible
   8.1 The Team Board
   8.2 Big Visible Charts
   8.3 Maintaining the Team Board
   8.4 Hurdles
   8.5 Checklist

9. Getting to “Done”
   9.1 Who Does the Testing?
   9.2 Defining What “Done” Means
   9.3 Planning in Testing
   9.4 Managing Bugs
   9.5 Getting Feedback Early
   9.6 Recovering from Not Getting Done
   9.7 Hurdles
   9.8 Checklist

10. Driving Development with Tests
   10.1 Introducing Test-Driven Development
   10.2 Continuous Integration
   10.3 Sustaining Test-Driven Development
   10.4 Hurdles
   10.5 Checklist

11. Clean Code
   11.1 Incremental Design
   11.2 Collective Code Ownership
   11.3 Pair Programming
   11.4 Hurdles
   11.5 Checklist

12. Demonstrating Results
   12.1 Preparing for the Demo
   12.2 Everyone Plays a Part
   12.3 Releasing the Software
   12.4 Hurdles
   12.5 Checklist 

13. Driving Change with Retrospectives
   13.1 Facilitating a Retrospective
   13.2 Designing a Retrospective
   13.3 Broader Retrospectives
   13.4 Hurdles
   13.5 Checklist

14. Growing You
   14.1 Ways to Grow What You Know
   14.2 Making a Plan
   14.3 Building Your Network
   14.4 Personal Reflections
   14.5 Getting Comfortable
   14.6 Checklist

Rachel Davies provides expert coaching to teams in Agile software development techniques, such as Test-Driven Development and planning with User Stories. She has been working with Agile teams using XP and Scrum since 2000. 

Liz Sedley is an Agile Coach and .Net Developer working in London, UK. She has fifteen years industry experience, mostly as a C++ / C# developer. Liz has spent the last four years enabling companies to be more Agile.

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed!

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