The Flux Mindset

A Flux Mindset is about slowing down, so you see what's really happening, unsticking your mind from the constructs and assumptions that you hold unconsciously

Flux means continuous change. 

A continuous moving on or passing by.

April Rinne, author of Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change, says that being adaptable and flexible have always been hallmarks of effective leadership and a fulfilling life.

"... We're living in a world in flux. The workplace is in flux. Climate is in flux. Organizations are in flux. Careers are in flux. Education, Learning, and schools are in flux. Public health is in flux. Planetary health is in flux. Social cohesion is in flux. Financial markets are in flux. Weather patterns are in flux. Family life is in flux. Democracy is in flux. Dreams are in flux. Expectations are in flux. And I have no doubt you could add several more examples to this list. The sheer scope of what's shifting and unknown is simultaneously awe-inspiring and downright daunting..." - April Rinne

The pace of change has never been as fast-paced as it is today. And yet it is likely to never again be this slow. And if you pause for a minute and just let that sink in, it’s kind of impacting, and it’s a little terrifying.

But in a world of so much fast-paced change, flexibility and resilience can be stretched to their breaking points. The quest becomes how to find calm and lasting meaning in the midst of enduring chaos.

I became aware of the Flux Mindset, after this TED Talk, also from April:

A Flux Mindset is a very different way of approaching change. Instead of resisting it, you embrace it and look for new and unique advantages. 

1. Look to other cultures.
2. Expand your peripheral vision.
3. Learn to let go of the future.

A fast decision is not a wise decision.

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