Book Notes: Head First, A Crash Course in Positivity - Steve H. Lawton

This story will make you laugh and cry, and the 8 practical positivity principles will help you improve your attitude and overcome struggle in life.


Title: Head First, A Crash Course in Positivity - Steve H. Lawton
Author: Steve H. Lawton
Themes: Life, Biography, Personal Development
Year: 2016
Publisher: Fedd Books
ISBN: 1943217327, 9781943217328
Pages: 140

On a beautiful morning in Breckenridge CO, Steve came out of his skis and slid into a tree at 45 mph…head first. His massive head and chest trauma, broken neck and broken back should have killed him. 

The surgeon said, "He’s as sick as he can be and still be alive…and he's going to get worse before he gets better." 

To simply survive the injuries was remarkable, but the complete recovery is a miracle. In addition to God, his helmet, the doctors, his wife, and his attitude, the real credit might just belong to a giant rubber chicken named Henrietta. Really. A three-foot-tall rubber chicken in a purple polka-dot bikini. 

Lawton makes an excellent case for the value of cultivating a positive mindset before you encounter a challenge—like an athlete building muscles and stamina that will serve her well when she has to run a race or enter a competition.

"... Allowing negative experiences to teach us something will actually set us up for the successes, victory, and laughter that will come in the future. Experiencing a setback is painful when it happens, but when we overcome it, we become better versions of ourselves..." - Steve Lawton

It was a great and easy reading, about a great history! Steve brings 8 proven ways to stay positive in life.

8 proven ways to stay positive:

1: Everything happens for a reason

2: Focus on what you can control

3: Learn to laugh in the midst of your pain

4: Take smaller steps to work to a larger goal

5: Know when and where to push yourself

6: Invest positivity into your network

7: Create a personal positivity practice

8: Embrace growing pains and learn from your struggles

Steve H. Lawton is a dad, husband, engineer, and business executive with 27 years of business experience with roles from an engineer in the Astronaut Office at NASA to an executive at Dell. During Steve's bonus time on Earth that he is enjoying now, he has added survivor, author, and speaker to his list. He hosts a popular blog on positivity at

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed!

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