Book Notes: Agile Career Development - Mary Ann Bopp, Diana A. Bing, Sheila Forte-Trammell

How do you make career development work for both the employee and the business? This book is for every business leader who wants to create a high performing organization.


Title: Agile Career Development: Lessons and Approaches from IBM
Author: Mary Ann Bopp, Diana A. Bing, Sheila Forte-Trammell
Themes: Agile, Career, Cases, Technology
Year: 2010
Publisher: IBM Press/Pearson
ISBN: 0137153643, 9780137153640
Pages: 246

IBM has done it by tightly linking employee-driven career development programs with corporate goals and objectives. 

In Agile Career Development, three of IBM's leading HR innovators show how IBM has accomplished this by illustrating various lessons and approaches that can be applied to other organizations as well. 

"... Agile Career Development shows how focusing on career development opportunities and guidance for employees is a key factor in our business strategy and a major source of value for IBM employees. This book can be used as a guide to any organization that is seeking to find practical ways to develop the talent of its workforce..." - J. Randall MacDonald

This book is for every HR professional, learning or training manager, executive, strategist, and any other business leader who wants to create a high performing organization.

Mary Ann Bopp, Sheila Forte-Trammell and Diana A. Bing explain the company’s ongoing programming. They discuss what it does, why and how.

"... This book highlights tried, and true best practices developed at a company known the world over for active dedication to their workforce. Mary Ann, Diana, and Sheila have captured the key issues that will enhance and streamline your career development program and, subsequently, increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity..." - Jim Kirkpatrick

Once employees enter the company, they need to feel welcomed, and they need a plan for getting quickly immersed in the work they were hired to do.
The Elements of Career Development, Captured from the Book

Chapters of the Book:

1. Having the Right Skills in the Right Place at the Right Time
   Career Development? Who Cares? You Should.
   Why Career Development Is Paramount to a Company’s Strategy
   Change, Complexity, and Globalization
   Career Development Impacts the Bottom Line
   Models for Career Development
   The IBM Approach: Essential Components of Career Development

2. Enabling Career Advancement
   Why Employees Leave… and the Connection to Career Progression
   A Case for Change at IBM
   The Definition of a Career Framework
   The Definition of a Career
   Setting the Baseline for Expertise Management
   Competencies and Associated Behaviors
   Skills that Align to Specific Job Roles
   Developing Capabilities

3. Defining the Career Development Process
   What Is Career Development Anyway?
   The Benefits of Career Development
   Flexibility Needed in Career Development
   Traveling the Road to Career Development
   The Career Development Process: An Overview

4. Selecting the Best Talent and Developing New Employees
   The Changing Landscape for New Employees
   Actions for Onboarding Success
   Selecting Talent
   Onboarding New Employees
   Orienting and Developing New Employees
   Measuring Success
   The Journey Continues

5. Assessing Levels of Expertise and Taking Action to Drive Business Success
   General Overview
   Assessing the Organization’s Expertise Portfolio
   Aligning Expertise Management with Business Strategy
   Aligning Employee Interests and Career Aspirations with Skills Forecasting
   Tools and Practices to Support the Development of Expertise
   Employee Succession Planning
   Changing Workforce Demographics
   Varying Approaches to Managing Talent and Skills to Build the Enterprise of the Future
   Incubating Talent for Business Success
   Removing the Mystery from Career Development

6. Building Employee and Organizational Capability
   Changing Dynamics and Its Impact on Growing Capability
   Building Careers
   Defining Job Roles as the Basis for Career Paths
   Putting Career Paths into Action
   Gaining the Right Experiences to Build Capability for Career Advancement

7. Creating Meaningful Development Plans
   Having the Right Skills
   Road Map or GPS?
   The Purpose of Career Development Plans and Why They Are Important
   Characteristics of Effective Career Development Plans
   Career Development Plans at IBM
   Future Directions for Career Development Plans at IBM

8. Linking Collaborative Learning Activities to Development Plans
   Collaborative Learning
   Setting the Stage for Team Synergy
   IBM Values
   Career Development at IBM 
   Exploring Ways IBM Uses Innovative Approaches to Facilitate Learning and Development

9. Measuring Success
   The Importance of Measurement
   Measuring the Success of Career Development Programs
   Measuring Career Development at IBM
   New Employee Orientation Measurement Process
   Interviews with Participants, Buddies, and Managers
   Sales Training Measurement Process
   Other Measurements at IBM
   Career Development: The Difference It Can Make

Mary Ann Bopp, Manager of Career Development in IBM Center for Learning and Development, leads design, development, and deployment of numerous IBM global career development initiatives and related processes. 

Diana A. Bing recently retired as IBM Director for Professional Development and Enterprise Learning after 31 years with the company. Currently, she is an executive and professional coach, supports nonprofits, and is involved in developing programs regarding women and diversity.

Sheila Forte-Trammell, Learning Consultant in IBM Center for Learning and Development, has held HR positions ranging from Placement Counselor and Recruiting to Multicultural People in Technology Program Manager. Now she is focused on expanding IBM Global Mentoring Program as a business imperative across the many borders of IBM's employee population.

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