Evernote: saving the Internet for you

Evernote: saving the Internet for you

Our friend, the brain, is really a great friend. It is very nice to us and our maybe best partner for the various activities we have during the day. But we should never overload him with every single thing. Memorizing is a hard task for our friend, the brain.

So, imagine being able to memorize the amount of information that comes to us through the internet? It's too much, isn't it? Especially those epic articles that do not deserve to be only read, but archived in our knowledge to be always available for future reference, as epic contents are important for us more than once, as we learn with them.

If the idea is to save to an information repository, believe me, it will be difficult to find a repository to save personal information better than Evernote.

How do I do that:

  • First thing is to save what I find on the internet on Pocket;
  • Read it;
  • If the article is a top and epic content, I will save it as a reference for myself;
  • Using the Evernote Web Clipper (browser extension) I save it on Evernote;
  • Done - It will be saved to my second brain.
Yeap - The idea is really simple! 

A second and digital brain will be your advantage in a future with some many things around you.