Don't worry, you are not too young

Your age is not a limit for your life, and you're not too young if you want to try to achieve any goal or objective right now, but you will need to plan how to overcome the age barrier.

Do you think that your age says a lot about you? That you're too young? Even worse, do you really think your age tells you what you can or can't do? 

Okay, you can continue to think that your age limits your chances of reaching high goals and reaching for some dreams because "it's not time yet."

But why?

There's an article from Elaine Mead, she shows that it is never too early to talk about careers, not even for a child, and she remembers that by introducing the subject of profession from the start with the kids, you give them a chance to really start to build their own ideas and opinions, ask questions and find out information about where they want to go in life, even if it is now a decision yet, it is just to start to think bout it. 

And dreams are necessary, primarily the big dreams, right?

You own your future, as I said, and you have to accept that. If it's hard to hear it, I'm sorry, but you are falling behind if you do not take that responsibility for yourself. In another very interesting article, Katie Burke presents 15 career tips for the 22-year-old

  • Look for companies aligned with your dream
  • Learn to like feedbacks - Mostly negatives
  • Have colleagues who challenge you to go further
  • Never stop learning
  • Know your weaknesses and go over them
  • Deliver a lot and show your value - shut up with results
  • Learn to sell
  • Look for results, not just recognition
  • Who runs your career is you - Do not expect your leader to be guided
  • Have specific goals and work for them
  • Like to face great challenges
  • Use your social skills to your advantage
  • Do not give up, because things will not always go away as you expect
  • Do not expect fast return and not even early - Just work through your dreams

Do not be afraid to try new things or follow some crazy dreams that you have. 
Your career has an owner. 
One owner. 
Just you!