Management in our personal lives

Business management has several tools and frameworks that we can apply to achieve our company's strategy. But these management tools could also be used for your life.

The great manager you want to be in the future, begins in the projects that you are currently leading in your personal life. Actually, managing your life is your biggest project, right!? 

If you have less than 20 years, maybe you're considering the idea or planning how to be a great leader, admired and followed by the people around you and building trust on these relationships.

But would you follow the leader that you are right now for yourself?

So even though you are still a long way from your goal, remember that: if you are doing everything to stay closer to your goals and really believe in your ability, you should start acting the way you want to be and bring your dream with daily acts in your life, which is demonstrated by your attitudes right now.

Organize your life and manage it. There are no salaries and job function to manage this project. And if you are young, and you want to become that admired and respected leader, able to move barriers, is time to start demonstrating this from now on.

Let's make it happen?