Young people and personal culture

Young people and personal culture

Reading is something more than crucial for human learning and life improvement, because it is through reading that we can improve our vocabulary and contribute to a concept of "personal culture" that exists in our minds.

It does not matter whether reading physical or digital books, as long as we are always into some reading that improves our life and our knowledge. After all, you will learn a lot by just reading the newspaper or news on the internet or just even trying to understand tomorrow what you do not understand today. And we read a lot of things throughout the day, and many of those readings bring us new information or terms that we didn't know. 

Many things that we learn in school time are being forgotten by our brains over the years (some of these things maybe are even good to be forgotten...) because we do not practice them, right? It is through a habit of reading that the most varied knowledge is fixed so as not to be forgotten later by our brain.

We need to read a lot, as I mentioned above. But I'd like to correct myself here. We need to read a lot, but read things that add value. There's a problem, especially to young people, that read so much unnecessary things on the internet. 

Another problem is to be a "non-questioning readers" of texts. In other words, people who just read a lot and don't give themselves a time to reflect or to understand what they are reading