Only you decide the right age for success

Only you decide the right age for success

Everyone who is very young find themselves with a lack of "credibility" (not sure if this is the better word, but it works), but only you know if you are too young for something in your life and will understand when is the time to do what you want to do.

This text is for you who seek to prove your ability and your strong ideas around the any areas of your life. Young people often see adverse situations, and one of the most common is the lack of credibility about work completed in the past and projects that are already being put into practice in their lives.

When I decided to put create a website to talk with young people in Brazil about career and personal development, it was a very important decision in my life. This project was something that I had been planning for a long time. On the other hand, under no circumstances, I allow the age to be an excuse to do (or to not do) anything that I was planning to my life.

When you assume an important role too young, you will have all responsibility for this with you. So, the question here is that only you can tell if you are too young to do it right now. At the time, assuming you are now just around 16 years old, and you are starting a business that you consider too big, go ahead and don’t be afraid. Your age just begins to be a problem for you when you let it be a barrier in your life. So simple as that may seem, do not let yourself slow down.

You can be absolutely sure that only you will be able to understand if you are ready or not, and only you are responsible for establishing when it is time to take each step. And just an important thing: I did not say it will be easy, actually you can expect all sorts of difficulties that may come along your journey.

Go ahead and believe that your future is built only by you, and it starts right now.